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Ever Forward

2010 is dead. Long live 2011.

And good riddance.

The past year wasn’t bad for me, but it wasn’t spectacular either. The greatest highlight was my trip to Dublin in February and I’ll treasure those memories for the rest of my life. Of course, I intend to go back, but that’s beside the point. Losing 25 pounds was another plus, and it’s encouraged me to repeat the feat in the coming year.

Nothing disastrous happened. No, really, I can’t think of anything that happened that I could describe as being bad. That just serves to remind me of two things.

1) Life could be worse.
2) It’s up to me to make it better.

So here I sit in my comfy recliner, sipping some chai. Yeah, it could be a glass of wine or a beer, but I did enough drinking New Year’s Eve, and my newest “tradition” is to abstain from the first week of the year. Best to face the change of the calendar with a clear head and all that.

For the most part, the year has been plain — unfulfilled. I can look back on things with hindsight, saying “I could have done this,” or “should have done that,” but why drive myself crazy with things I can’t change? The only thing I can do is learn and look forward, and dedicate myself to getting more out of 2011.

This won’t be an easy year, but I can deal with that. One thing is certain: I will have a new job before summer. The only question is where. The most promising opportunity has yet to be confirmed and probably won’t be for another week or so. It’s not the only egg in that basket, of course, but it’s the best of the bunch. Only thing to do is wait and see.

The year will see me writing and submitting more. Haven’t been doing much of either in 2010, so with that I’ll be getting my butt in the chair. I also have two game design projects in progress, one for tabletop, one for iPad/Android markets. I’ve got some base-line work done so far on each. The tabletop game needs some fleshing out before I can begin playtesting. As for the iPad game, I need to do some research before I can get too far with it — the research will determine my approach to core game mechanics. Of course, I’ll need to learn how to code an AI for that, but hey, that’ll be a learning experience.

It won’t be an idle year. Challenging? Yes, in more ways than one. Will I be worried? Oh hell, yes. Nothing in life is certain, and the universe at large doesn’t care about little old me. Getting the most out of this year is going to take a considerable amount of sweat equity, and it’ll force me to face some insecurities I haven’t had to think about for a while.

But I’d be an idiot to not stand up to whatever 2011 throws at me. All I can do is say, “Bring it.”