A Tale of Two Doomwheels (Part III)

In the last entry we had to pause in assembling the plastic Doomwheel in order to paint the cockpit and the pilot. Here’s a pic of where things stand as a refresher.


I have to admit, despite how difficult this kit looks at a first glance, the pieces come together nicely.

Many are tooled to fit with little room for slipping. The projectors in the front are an example as is the boiler. That doesn’t mean I don’t have room to screw up. I couldn’t tell from the diagram that the two supports for the rear platform were different length, and in true Murphy fashion I put them on in the reverse order. Luckily, I spotted my error before the glue had a chance to fubar things.

Of course, I said that before I started working on the damn wheels. This is why I miss having the individual parts numbered, as the wheels fit to the main body in a very specific way and the diagram by itself can be misleading. Both the inside and the outside have to be oriented correctly or you’ll have to tear the thing apart about six steps later. I didn’t feel the need to paint the rats ahead of time simply because there’s ample room to put a brush in. Then I took a look ahead and saw how the side blades fit. On top of that there’s some details on the inside of the wheels (the sides facing the cockpit) that might need some color on them as well. So, it seems like we should stop to paint some more with this one. Before we do that, let’s shift gears and put the metal wheel together.

Truth be told, there’s not that much to this model. It’s pretty clear as to what goes where. Since the rear wheels are plastic I’ll use a super glue gel to attach those. This stuff works very well when joining plastic to metal. Everything else will get the one-two combo. Attaching side blades/zappy bits is a little tougher. The blade arm goes through the zappy so there’s multiple points of joining. Best to do one side…

… and let that cook while doing the rest.

The pilot’s seat is a tricky bit as well. The lower half of the seat is easy enough, but the pilot’s upper body and the back of the seat are another matter. The former has two points of contact without any actual joining — just surface to surface. The latter has one point and it’s not exactly that tenuous. The Warlock isn’t exactly leaning back to enjoy the ride, being the speed demon that he is. The solution to making sure things stick matches my opinion on gun control: “Use both hands, dammit.” With a little patience, and some careful use of adhesives, it all comes together. Even though the assembly is complete, I’m going to let this sit overnight so as not to jostle anything loose.

Getting back to the plastic, I just did some Blackened Steel and Tarnished Steel for outside gear and Ancient Bronze for the smaller gears. The rats got the same two color job as in the other wheel — Muddy Brown and Earth Brown for the body, Aged Bone and Polished Bone for the tails. I also gave them a touch of Sepia Wash (Citadel) to bring things out.

Now we’re getting somewhere. It’s one thing to see a model like this as the assembly nears completion. It’s another to see it with color already a part of the whole. A taste of things to come, if you will.

After all that mess with the wheels, it’s all just little bits in small steps from here. While the Wheel itself is completed there’s still a base and a swarm of rats to accompany this infernal device. I’m going to go ahead and glue this to the base, but I’ll paint the rats by themselves before adding them in.

And with that, we have our two Doomwheels ready for their paint jobs. I half expect the fantasy equivalent of the guys from Top Gear to show up and start talking about roadworthiness, power output, etc.


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