You know the weather’s scorching when the thermometer on your back porch is asking for a glass of ice water.

Well, I made the call and got a new laptop. Even though the new MacBook Air looked tempting, I couldn’t bite the bullet. Ask me again four or five years later and I might reconsider — of course, by then the Air might be replaced with something else new and expensive.

Instead, I went with the HP Pavilion I was talking about earlier. It may not be as nifty as an Air, but I like it, it’s comfortable to work with, and to be honest an eight hour battery is just too good to pass up. Right now I’m listening to Pandora while typing this, and it’s chugging along just fine. The fact that I’m in the coolest part of the house is probably another reason.

As an experiment, I went out to a local library yesterday to see if it both machine and I were capable of writing in that environment. I’m happy to say that it went well, even though the battery was only at 25% when I took the trip. Cranked out a thousand words in my first misadventure novella with Cuyudan and Falangost. Yes, you heard that right. These guys are going to be screwing up quite a bit in their escapades, and it will be awesome.

The more I use it, the more I feel this laptop was a good purchase. It’s got what I need with a little extra and was highly affordable. I had been comparing it to that Toshiba at Best Buy, and although processing power and memory wasn’t an original concern it did sway my thinking once I did a little more research.

I need to make some adjustments, though. The keyboard doesn’t have a numeric keypad — the Home, Page Up, etc keys are all in a single column down the right. That’s taking a little getting used to. Also, I keep getting this urge to touch the screen to click links and such. I have to remind myself this is not my iPad.  The mouse pad, however, was easy to get used to, and unlike my Acer it can be switched off. The wireless can also be switched off with a function key. That’s good to know, should I need to conserve power or isolate myself from the Web.

Having just transferred all my documents and pics from the Acer to here, I’m going to see if I can find a new home for the laptop. It will come with a caveat that it needs a new battery. I don’t see a laptop that can hold seventy to ninety minutes of charge being very useful.

Looks like I’ll still have a Windows system in this house for a while more.


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