An Open Letter To God

This may seem odd or even obnoxious, especially given I’m working under the impression that you’re omniscient, but I’m going to work with the tools I’ve been given. I could make this a New Year’s thing, I’d rather bring it up now, given the season, while it’s still in my head.

2011 has had few high points for Yours Truly. I’ll be honest, I thought my career was dead. Two years out of IT is a veritable death sentence, and given how hard it was to find work in my area of expertise, I was about to follow in my Uncle Dave and my Grandfather’s footsteps and join the Carpenter’s Union. No sense of shame in that either — I needed a job, and that’s good honest work. I’m sure your son/Messenger/Rabbi would understand.

That changed on 11 August, when I won a contract with FedEx. I didn’t realize what I was missing in a day job until I started working there. I won’t go into details save one — people there believe in me. That means more than the paycheck. Come 1 December, I became a full-time employee.


Oh, and let’s not forget my sister beating the Universe to bring her daughter into the world on 11 September. That trumps everything I’ve done this year.

What I’m trying to say is that this year ended well for me. The same can’t be said for a number of people I know — be it in their professional or personal lives, they’ve gone through some serious shit.

Let me be honest — I don’t think You’re directly involved in our lives. At the very least You don’t meddle in the day-to-day stuff. You’re the Creator and King of the Universe — that’s a big picture item, and when you compound Humanity’s separation from You, it makes the relationship a distant one at best. Still, I know You’re reading this.

Whatever blessings or miracles You have for me — send them elsewhere. Send them to the people I know and care for that need uplifting.  I don’t need it. I’m where I am through my own machinations — You may have given me opportunities, but it’s always  come down to me to make the most of things. That’s the way this chaotic universe works. You may love us, but it doesn’t.

The only thing I want for myself in 2012 is to be a better person. Let’s be honest, there have been times where I’ve been a heel or a tool or both. The change is up to me, just as with everything else in my life, but if You have wisdom to offer, I’ll do my best to listen.

That’s all I can ask. The rest is up to You…



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