This Day Our Daily Bread

For those two or three of you reading this that don’t follow me on Twitter, I posted this picture and the accompanying thought: “I have an entire day’s food in this lunch box.”

When it comes to losing weight, you can boil it down to simple mathematics. If you burn more calories than you consume, you lose weight. If you consume more than you burn, you gain weight. Now, how one implements this basic concept depends on the individual. My Dad, for example, lost thirty pounds in a month (dropping to 160) by not having thirds at dinner and walking three to five miles a day. That was at age 60. Dad just has that kind of metabolism. The genetic dice did not roll as well for me in that regard.

So tonight, I thought I’d take a look at just what’s in my lunch box and take a guesstimate as to the calorie count.

Breakfast is 3/4 of a cup of Kashi cereal. About 160 calories with super skim milk. A cup of tea usually follows to grant me thinky powers.

Lunch will be about two cups of spicy chicken rigatoni, leftovers from lunch at Bucca di Beppo. Have to guess that with the sauce and everything it’s about 550 calories. Add an apple and Greek yogurt, and we have about 800 calories total.

Mid-afternoon snack is carrots and hummus (2 tbsp), for about 200 calories.

Second snack — for the drive to the dojo — Oatmeal raisin cookie Power Bar for 250 calories.

After karate, turkey and swiss on honey wheat bread with chipotle mustard and shredded lettuce. 360 before the condiment, so I’ll bump it up to 400 and call it a night.

The total comes to about 1800 calories. Haven’t got a clue as to how much I burn on a lazy day, let alone after two hours in the dojo.

1800 calories in one lunch box. Granted, there’s some portion control and the food is spread out thorough five smaller meals throughout the day (lunch being the big meal), but that’s all in one container. Now, a fraction of that volume is actual food going into my stomach. Can’t guess the actual volume or mass, but it does beg the question…

How much was I eating before?


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