Allow Me To Introduce…Myself

Okay, I’ve had a slew of new followers on my Twitter feed, and after making five introduction posts, I figured I should use a better medium to convey this information. Thus I lead you here, so that you all may know a little more about me. To say “I’m a geek,” doesn’t really drill down into who I am. Like most people I have different facets, masks and social modes that Voltron together to make me… well, me.

By day, I’m an IT professional. I’m a technologist working in the UNIX environment for FedEx. I don’t touch packages and I don’t provide customer support, so any such queries will have to be directed elsewhere. It goes without saying that my opinons on my social media are my own and not that of my employer (and yes, that needs said in this day and age). I enjoy what I do. As a result, my “geek flag” doesn’t fly that high here. It used to at my last job, and I think that was more a defense mechanism from a crappy work environment.

I’m a writer — more by hobby than anything else. In 2006 I earned an MA in Writing Popular Fiction at Seton Hill University. Two of the best years of my life were spent learning the craft of writing, and I have a lot of friends from the program. I have only one sale to my name, which is in Bash Down the Door And Slice Open the Bad Guy. The two reviews I’ve seen of that short were, constructive if luke-warm, and I’m okay with that. Short stories aren’t my forte. In addition, I wrote this essay years ago, so I’m pretty good at not freaking out over people’s opinions of me. So while you could ask me for writing advice, I’d rather point you to a number of people far more successful than I.

I’m a fan. I love SF, Fantasy, Horror, and the various sub-genres therein. Love comics, even if I don’t have a gigantic collection. Seeing a hero BE a hero is my thing. Good characters in well written stories are also my thing. I can go for for hours about the virtues of Babylon Five, BSG, Supernatural and the like. I try not to though — conversation gets stagnant that way. What I won’t do is quiz someone’s dedication to a fandom or denigrate a person for liking something I don’t. That way lies the Jerk Side. There are no fake geeks (boy or girl). It is known.

I’m a critic — again not a professional, but it’s a definite side-effect of that MA program I mentioned. Once you learn the workings of a craft, it changes how you see the product. By way of example, when my folks bought their first house, my Grandfather — a Union Carpenter — pored over every detail of the place. Of course he was looking for something to fix, but the point is he could see past the first impression and look at what went into making that house. Same thing with me and books. Yes, I’ll point out the bad, but I’ll also point out the good. I don’t express an overwhelming yea or nay or rate something on a discrete numeric scale because opinions aren’t always binary.

I’m a gamer. I like to slay imaginary creatures with funny shaped dice. Sometimes I try killing heroes with them too. Blasting away at pixels can be a good time as well. You’ll see me talking and tweeting about my (mis)adventures as a Part Time Action Hero. Or course, some of these games require miniatures, photos of which you’ll find on my Tumblr page. I like to paint. Just as soothing as writing.

I’m becoming a fitness geek. Went on a Fitness Quest back in 2010. Lost 35 pounds. Gained fifteen back until I renewed my commitment to the Quest as a New Year’s Resolution. Now I’m under 190 and still working it off. It’s been a great journey, and I feel better for doing it. I can offer advice with a shaker full of salt — I only know what works for me. But the reason I renewed my Quest is…

I’m a martial artist. Don’t worry, I’m not an expert – just a black belt. I study Shohei-Ryu Karate, and I’ll no doubt get into a mood to babble about that as well. I’m working my way to becoming Nidan (second degree black belt). God only knows when that’ll be. Hopefully late next year.

I’m an… equalitarian? I don’t believe anyone should be slighted, attacked or demeaned because of gender, gender identity, color, belief, or sexuality. If I’m a feminist, it only means I’m for women being treated as true equals — that gender does exclude someone from a career or hobby if they prove capable in all other respects. Same thing with all other points of diversity I mentioned. No one needs to be put down when we can all lift each other up. Yeah, it’s idealistic, but why not aim high?

So those topics are what you’re most likely to see discussed here and on my Twitter feed. I generally keep it light hearted on Twitter, because it’s the fun place to hang out.
You’re free to stick around, and if you stop following me I won’t worry much unless we’ve had extensive conversations. There’s really only two ways to get kicked out of my niche in the InfoSphere:
1) Tell me what I should or shouldn’t say on my site and feed.
2) Being a dick — this includes being a racist or sexist.

Got it? Cool. Welcome to the show.


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  1. Nicky Patchyown on

    Man I wish my inability to write didn’t sabotage sales of my anthologies. I hope the Pirates manage to stay above .500 this season. Geeks are cool and you are a king among geeks. I hate bullies and you are do a great job of standing up to them. I would rather buy @nickypacione’s books, as he’s a much better writer than me.

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