Fitness Quest — Phase Two

I figure it’s time for an update on my state of being.

First of all, I’ve made it down to within my goal range (180-185 lbs.). That’s a “yay” in my book. Now we get to move on to Phase Two, which is an arsenal of weapons powered by the Cosmic Cube  — er, uh… yeah. Not that Phase Two. You didn’t see that.

Phase Two is turning what fat I have into muscle. The boring end of this is numbers: 22% body fat versus 40% muscle mass. I figure one of the better ways to get the fat down is to build up on muscle. As a result I need to step things up in the gym. Taking 5-6 weeks to focus on a body group (such as arms and shoulders) has been working fine so far, but the intensity isn’t there to build things up. Since January, each cycle has been targeting a specific set of muscle groups at 8-10 exercises, 3 sets of 15 reps at a decent weight. “Decent” means challenging, but not too difficult. For example, I’d do a bench press at 95 lbs (that includes the weight of the bar, so I won’t be surprised if you’re underwhelmed).

I decided to do a little research into seeing just how I can step it up. Here’s what I’m trying.

For the next five weeks, which to say until I go back on-call, I’m alternating between a three day and a two day split, the latter for weeks when I can’t go to the gym on Mondays.

For the three day, I’m starting a body group with two sets of heavy weights with only a few reps (power), then 2-3 sets of moderate weights for 6-12 reps (muscle), then one final set at a lighter weight for 40 reps(burn…and how). The two day split is a bit more consistent with what I’ve been doing but with smaller sets — meaning I can add a little more weight — and a more aggressive rate of progression.

I’m not sure what alternating the routines will do, outside of keeping my body in a regular state of confusion as to what the hell to repair.

As I’ve said, I’ve only just started. Yesterday I did a chest and back routine that’s left me quite sore. Here’s hoping that means I did it right. Then again, I did legs today, and I have karate tomorrow, so here’s hoping I can walk…

After the next round of on-call, I’ll likely change the routine to toning things up, and just keep going back and forth until I get to where I want to be.

Should be interesting. Have absolutely no idea how this will pan out, but as long as I don’t rip myself apart in the process I’ll be okay.


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