On the Nature of Character

Okay, an image of Gal Godot as Diana — aka Wonder Woman — has been floating about the internet. Lemme say this:

I dig it. She looks strong (despite what some may call a slender frame), and carries a presence that is both powerful and feminine. No she doesn’t look like she’s built out of bricks, but I can deal with that. So should any fan. Please, let’s not critique Godot’s physique. Chances are she can hold her own.

My concern is for how she’s portrayed in the screen play.

Zak Snyder’s directing this film. Okay, cool. I thought Sucker Punch was a really good film. My Mom, the militant feminist, loved it (although she thought the overall timing of some of the action scenes was drawn out longer than necessary…)

But Man of Steel? Not a Superman film by a long shot. I mean, you could have gotten closer to nailing Kal-El’s character down with a nuke, for crying out loud. Why Superman got the grimdark treatment when they already had fricking Batman for that role is beyond me. But I digress.

My biggest concern is that Batman vs. Superman is being used as the proverbial altar upon which Diana my be sacrificed. Dan Didio is tremendously clueless about the comics market, and I wonder if that permeated into WB/DC’s movie brain trust. If the film fails, they could use it as an excuse to never make a WW film. So by that train of thought it has to succeed, and yet I don’t want to throw my money at a film that could marginalize WW in the hopes that she get her own movie.

I want BvS to do right by WW and by Gal Godot. Will they? No clue whatsoever…


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