Kombative Opinions

So… This past Thursday NetherRealm announced that the women warriors in Mortal Combat X would be more realistically proportioned. Gamespot has an article on it, and of course the comments vary, including griping about SJWs and such. Not a tremendous amount of dudebro froth, but enough to get me thinking…

I have to wonder how many of these GamerBros will, despite their gripes, end up buying the game anyway. It’s not the sort of thing you’d expect from a “consumer revolution.” These are changing times, however, and it can be confusing for some, so here’s my advice:

If you’re a gamer who’s bothered by women martial artists in a video game look like this or like this, and not have gargantuan mammaries, here’s what you can do:

You can not buy the game. You can show this AAA-gaming studio what you’re about by not giving them your money. Spend that money on other games, maybe show some support for the independent studios instead of tossing it to the big boys that put embargos on game reviews because they don’t want anyone knowing about the bugs. Maybe you could do something else with it, like donate the money to a charity, adopt a pet, buy a lot of books, or even pick up a board game to play with friends in real life.

In the interests of disclosure, I won’t be buying Mortal Kombat X. I lost interest in that series somewhere around MK3 or 4, and I really don’t have an interest in graphic fatalities or zoomed-in xrays of bones getting broken and crushed. I’m more of a Tekken fan anyway, and I’d rather spend that $60 on dues in the dojo.


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